About me

Welcome to my website, Only by Knight!

Only by Knight was born out of my love for all things handcrafted and hand painted. The natural progression of my career has led me to create my own bespoke wedding stationery service.

Just to give you an idea of my background, my love of art began at a very young age mainly through my dad’s influence (thanks pops!). He was always the creative member of the family and I guess his talent has rubbed off on me and spurred me on to make something from it.

Art became the natural choice for me throughout my time in education and I went on to complete a degree in illustration.  My time at university developed my passion for all things handmade. Whilst I do use computers, for me art is about using your fingers to create, there is nothing better than seeing the results of a messy afternoon with a paintbrush and a palette filled with paint!

Though my career initially took a different path, my spare time has always been filled with all things creative. As the ‘artistic’ one amongst my friends and family it’s always me they turn to when they need something drawing or making.  Only by Knight came about when one of my best friends got engaged and asked me to produce her wedding stationery. This, luckily for me, resulted in a surprising amount of requests through word of mouth. This demand, combined with a very generous offer from my brother’s friend, a web designer, resulted in the creation of Only by Knight!

Wedding stationery helps me to channel my creativity to produce a unique piece of art specifically designed to represent the love between two people – it’s powerful! It’s such a personal thing and I love being involved in the process!

I hope you have enjoyed browsing through my website. Please do get in touch if you would like me to be involved in the creation of your special day. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Love Jen x x