New designs!

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Hi everyone,

You may have heard me banging on about this but next weekend, a company I have started to sell my designs through – have a big stall at the National Wedding Show  and are taking some of my designs with them! Very exciting! So I have been working hard on updating old and creating new designs to best show my range and today I have sent them a batch to put on display 🙂



So off the back of this there are 4 new ranges available to buy which have been added to my online stores including some fabulous same sex wedding invitations, take a look and let me know what you think!:


Countdown to Jenob wedding! – Introduction

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You may or may not be aware . . . . .  I’m getting married!

My gorgeous boyfriend proposed to me last year whilst we were on holiday in Malta. It was perfect, I had no idea and of course, I SAID YES!

We have started the long exciting process of planning our wedding so I thought why not keep you all involved and let you know about our journey through the crazy world of wedding planning! Perhaps we can share stories of successes and things we are struggling with.

So first up I thought I would give you a bit of background. Meet me – a 30 something wedding stationery designer with a love of all things crafty and design related. Meet my fiance James (OB to his friends), a completely sports mad sports journalist. We are both passionate people, albeit those passions seem to lie at opposite ends of the spectrum, but hey, it seems to work out pretty great!

Following the whirlwind that was our engagement trip in Malta – which was just amazing by the way. I would recommend Malta to anyone. We stayed in Mellieha Bay, St Julians & Gzira and every place we visited was just beautiful – We got talking about how we would like to get married, home/abroad, church/civil ceremony etc. Now I’m not going to lie, I’m a girl and I also work in the wedding industry. Of course I have thought about how I want to get married! Luckily my fiance is very understanding of my quirks and he also seems to have no imagination whatsoever! So he is very willing for me to plan the wedding and he can just give his stamp of approval to make sure any decisions are to his liking, this suits us both perfectly!


We decided on a date firstly, James proposed to me on 13th June 2013, we are getting married Saturday 13th June 2015 as the date now has a special meaning to us and we both want a summer wedding. I want a ‘handmade’ wedding, I want to put as many personal touches into our special day as possible so going for 2014 wasn’t really an option as it didn’t really leave enough time . . .besides the ‘perfect’ venue wasn’t available in the summer of 2014.

The perfect venue, I had seen this venue a couple of times on wedding blogs that I regularly read. It is completely stunning. Everything I could ever wish for in a venue and as soon as I told James about it he was excited to see what the fuss was about. This was the only venue we looked at. We viewed it once, fell in love! Then took our parents to have a look and they also absolutely loved it, it was perfect in every way. I guess you are eager to know what it is now! It is The Priory Barn & Cottages in Wetherby, a gorgeous little barn set back in the countryside of Yorkshire with a courtyard surrounded by dainty cottages with enough space for the bridal party to stay.

Everything about it fitted in perfectly with our idea of what we wanted our wedding to be, we don’t want a formal affair. We want it to be relaxed, a big Jenob party! I am originally from Liverpool so it was also important to me to have a venue that offered accommodation or at least had space nearby for my family and friends from the other side of the Pennines to stay. There are several hotels within a couple of miles of this venue – it couldn’t be any more perfect! I must point out that the staff were really lovely also, Serena who took the time to show us around was so helpful and I can tell that she will be a massive help in the build up to our wedding as she really knows her stuff!

Neither James or I are religious so we loved the idea of getting married in the barn then having the drinks reception in a (hopefully) sunny courtyard, followed by the wedding breakfast and reception in the marquee off the back of the barn. The venue itself is completely neutral. It has the gorgeous features of a barn, brickwork and exposed beams but then there is so much scope to style the venue in our own personal way and to bring our ideas to life, just thinking about it makes me very giddy! There is not a patterned carpet or curtain in sight and that makes me one happy lady!

Ill leave you with that for now, next post Ill let you know about some others bits I have managed to sort.  How is your planning going? How many venues did you look at before you found the one? I know some people have told us maybe we were too hasty and should have looked around but it just felt so right to both of us so we didn’t see the point!


My Folksy page is growing :)

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Happy Friday! Its almost time for the weekend.

How has your week been? I have been busy sorting my pricing/designs over the past weeks which I have found very hard . . never have been one for numbers and figures! Anyway I am finally done and I have added 8 designs to my folksy page to sell to all you lovely couples. I still have many more of my existing designs to sort and add on and a head full of ideas for new designs too which I really cant wait to get started on.

Nip over and take a peek, let me know what you think I would love to hear your comments.

I’ll leave you with a nice inspiring thought for the weekend, have a fab one. love Jen xx

phone pics 1087

Only by Knight has entered the world of Folksy!

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Only by Knight designs are now available to buy on Folksy!

Keep an eye out for more themed designs that will be added in the not too distant future!

New York Themed Invitations

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I admit I have been completely useless at updating my blog over the past year. I have had so many exciting things happen with Only by Knight, so many new designs to work on but time appears to have ran away from me and my last post was last August – shame on me!

I have made myself a cheeky New Year’s resolution to keep on top of my updates from now on though as I am hoping 2014 is going to be a great year for Only by Knight so there should be plenty of new things to tell you all about!

So my latest piece of work was to come up with a New York themed invitation for a wedding themed around NYC. I must admit New York is one of my favourite places in the world. Having been there a couple of times myself it’s one of those places you could never possibly get bored of as there is just so much to see! So when the opportunity arose to come up with a themed design I jumped at the chance to get stuck in!

Following the success of my Liverpool themed invitation, I have been wanting to work on a range of different city themed invites. NYC has been on this list for a while so it’s great to finally get round to coming up with a design.

My lovely bride was very open to letting me do what I wanted with the design, so I thought about the different aspects of New York I wanted to incorporate. There are so many famous landmarks in NYC, it was a tough call!  I finally decided on the four, in my view, most iconic buildings then added a few additional touches like the street sign ‘wedding invite’ tag and the yellow cab to finish off the theme.

Personalised New York themed invitation

Personalised New York themed invitation

Would love to hear what you think about this one. I’m really pleased with the outcome and my customer seems to be too which I’m so pleased about.

I can’t wait to start on the next theme, Paris and Rome are a must!

Liverpool themed invitations

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My latest couple I have been working with are the lovely Jane and Paul, from a little village on the outskirts of Liverpool, Formby where I grew up.  Home to a gorgeous beach, a red squirrel reserve and more famously Steven Gerrard amongst other celebrities!

Both Jane and Paul are very proud of where they are from and wanted to try incorporate this into their invitation design. They are planning a big scouse wedding, set in the gorgeous local village church then onto Liverpool city centre for the reception with a backdrop of the Liver buildings – perfect.

I wanted to give them a couple of ideas to look at as they were unsure of exactly what they wanted, so I set about coming up with some designs.  I worked on a couple of crafty ideas, then in contrast to these I designed some Liverpool themed ideas using my more signature arty handcrafted style.

First up, my flowery Jade pocket-fold, their colour theme for the day is this colour so I kept it simple and just used a few pretty details to enhance the card



















Next up, another crafty one, I used several textures and diamantes to finish off the invites, using the jade colour to enhance the details.








Now onto the Liverpool themed invites which surprisingly were the winners! First up I designed a sketch using all the most famous buildings of Liverpool, curved them onto a half moon shape and finished off with a cutesy wedding car heading off into the distance. I kept the sketch colour free as I think it speaks for itself and used the Jade ribbon to add a touch of colour to the finished invite.









Finally my 2nd Liverpool themed idea is more of a graphic style.  I used the Liverpool skyline as a backdrop for the invite/inserts obviously with a few seagulls in the background to finish it off!
















My bride and groom loved the Liverpool themed invites, I was really chuffed with their reaction.  It turns out that I will now be working on a combination of both these designs for the final invite, in the mean time I am working on the graphic style for the save the dates. Pictures of these will follow shortly.

I hope you like them, get in touch and let me know what you think 🙂

Dogue de Bordeaux Save the Dates

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The Dogue de Bordeaux save the dates came about from a lovely couple – Rob and Lauren who have the most amazing dog, Arnie.  If you saw him in real life you would understand why he has this name, he is a beast!

Anyway, they both absolutely adore their dog, but obviously he has not got an invite to the wedding so they wanted to try involve him somehow and the wedding stationery was a great place to start.

Lauren and I juggled with a few ideas then it was left with me to come up with a cutesy sketch of Arnie, adding a top hat and bow tie to get him ready for the occasion.







Rob and Lauren wanted the invites to have a light hearted feel, everyone who knows them knows how big a part of their world Arnie is and they felt they would enjoy the tongue in cheek feel to the invites.

When I showed them the mock ups they were delighted and I was given the go ahead to produce 60 save the dates in this style.

I delivered the finished product to Rob and Lauren yesterday and I could not be more happy with the reaction I received, the testimonial from Lauren really made me smile too – check it out!









I must say it was great picking up my brush and spending some time getting back into painting, more recently the invites I have worked on have been more crafty so it was a refreshing change. I look forward to working on their wedding invites!

Lilac Save the Dates

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These save the dates came about from another of my designs that the couple had spotted and wanted adjusting to suit their style/wedding theme (the crystal leave save the date if you are curious!)

Their brief was to keep the theme as similar as possible to that of the crystal leaves design but to change the colour scheme to fit in with their special day – Lilac.

I sourced some gorgeous lilac organza blossoms and used as the centre piece for the save the dates, coupled with a delicate organza ribbon and a lilac backing card to finish them off.
















Jade and Steven were really pleased with the result, so pleased they have asked me to do their wedding invitations also, so I am one happy wedding stationery designer!

Lily design

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I created the lily design for one of my good friends Kate and her fiancé Sean.

They were fairly easy going when it came to the design. They knew they were having a deep red as the colour and that Calla Lilies would be the flower of choice for the big day, aside from that they just wanted something elegant and not too fussy so I came up with these!









I used a plain white gatefold card, then using layering and different textured card I created the focus point on the front.  I wanted the lilies to stand out so decided to delicately entwine them together and wrap them in a gorgeous satin ribbon secured with a dainty wire  to finish off the piece.  I used an organza ribbon in a deep red to wrap around the gatefold to tie it altogether.

For the inside of the invites, I combined a handwritten text with a standard font to complete the wordings. Finally, to combine the inserts together I used a delicate mulberry paper in burgundy to wrap them into one.  The same theme was pulled through the Order of Service.










The end result for me was perfect. My friend was delighted with the invites, as was her fiancé and I was really pleased both with their reaction and how my time and effort had paid off!

Wedding cake invites

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I wanted to create some handpainted invites themed around one of the most important parts of the big day, the wedding cake!

I used a textured card for the actual invite and then painted a cute wedding cake in tones of pink and red using gouache, then layered against the invite with a slight elevation to make it stand out.

I finished off the cake using a sample of one of my previous invites as the cake topper – the cutesy couple!









I hope you like the design 🙂