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You may or may not be aware . . . . .  I’m getting married!

My gorgeous boyfriend proposed to me last year whilst we were on holiday in Malta. It was perfect, I had no idea and of course, I SAID YES!

We have started the long exciting process of planning our wedding so I thought why not keep you all involved and let you know about our journey through the crazy world of wedding planning! Perhaps we can share stories of successes and things we are struggling with.

So first up I thought I would give you a bit of background. Meet me – a 30 something wedding stationery designer with a love of all things crafty and design related. Meet my fiance James (OB to his friends), a completely sports mad sports journalist. We are both passionate people, albeit those passions seem to lie at opposite ends of the spectrum, but hey, it seems to work out pretty great!

Following the whirlwind that was our engagement trip in Malta – which was just amazing by the way. I would recommend Malta to anyone. We stayed in Mellieha Bay, St Julians & Gzira and every place we visited was just beautiful – We got talking about how we would like to get married, home/abroad, church/civil ceremony etc. Now I’m not going to lie, I’m a girl and I also work in the wedding industry. Of course I have thought about how I want to get married! Luckily my fiance is very understanding of my quirks and he also seems to have no imagination whatsoever! So he is very willing for me to plan the wedding and he can just give his stamp of approval to make sure any decisions are to his liking, this suits us both perfectly!


We decided on a date firstly, James proposed to me on 13th June 2013, we are getting married Saturday 13th June 2015 as the date now has a special meaning to us and we both want a summer wedding. I want a ‘handmade’ wedding, I want to put as many personal touches into our special day as possible so going for 2014 wasn’t really an option as it didn’t really leave enough time . . .besides the ‘perfect’ venue wasn’t available in the summer of 2014.

The perfect venue, I had seen this venue a couple of times on wedding blogs that I regularly read. It is completely stunning. Everything I could ever wish for in a venue and as soon as I told James about it he was excited to see what the fuss was about. This was the only venue we looked at. We viewed it once, fell in love! Then took our parents to have a look and they also absolutely loved it, it was perfect in every way. I guess you are eager to know what it is now! It is The Priory Barn & Cottages in Wetherby, a gorgeous little barn set back in the countryside of Yorkshire with a courtyard surrounded by dainty cottages with enough space for the bridal party to stay.

Everything about it fitted in perfectly with our idea of what we wanted our wedding to be, we don’t want a formal affair. We want it to be relaxed, a big Jenob party! I am originally from Liverpool so it was also important to me to have a venue that offered accommodation or at least had space nearby for my family and friends from the other side of the Pennines to stay. There are several hotels within a couple of miles of this venue – it couldn’t be any more perfect! I must point out that the staff were really lovely also, Serena who took the time to show us around was so helpful and I can tell that she will be a massive help in the build up to our wedding as she really knows her stuff!

Neither James or I are religious so we loved the idea of getting married in the barn then having the drinks reception in a (hopefully) sunny courtyard, followed by the wedding breakfast and reception in the marquee off the back of the barn. The venue itself is completely neutral. It has the gorgeous features of a barn, brickwork and exposed beams but then there is so much scope to style the venue in our own personal way and to bring our ideas to life, just thinking about it makes me very giddy! There is not a patterned carpet or curtain in sight and that makes me one happy lady!

Ill leave you with that for now, next post Ill let you know about some others bits I have managed to sort.  How is your planning going? How many venues did you look at before you found the one? I know some people have told us maybe we were too hasty and should have looked around but it just felt so right to both of us so we didn’t see the point!


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