Cutsey couple design

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The bride-to-be wasn’t too sure on a theme or what she wanted her invite to be like – so I was given free reign to go wild with my creativity and come up with a couple of different ideas based around what I thought she may like.

I messed around with a few ideas but this was the one that stood out most.  I just created a simple sketch of a married couple and delicately painted using gouache paint.  I wanted the design to be really simple and for all the focus to be on this painting. I kept the font and the colouring nice and basic by using a pearlescent white card.









I’m really happy with this design myself – I hope you like it!!









Leave some comments below to let me know what you think. Oh, and here is a quote from the bride-to-be herself…

“All the different designs that you made for us blew me away and were great for inspiration due to my lack of creativity!”

See the rest of her comments in my testimonials tab!

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